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For the Love of art

Connecting through craft

This is LOA

It all started with the sentence for the love of art. A frequently heard phrase in the lives of modern designers, because of small budgets. But this also raised the feeling there’s little appreciation for people with a creative profession. Time for change. Anne-Claire Martens, the founder of LOA, woke up from a dream in her early life as a designer, deciding that for the love of art would no longer be an excuse, but a starting point. A starting point to show the world the value of craftsmanship. And that’s where LOA (short for Love Of Art) was born. A creative community that stimulates the existence of traditional craftsmanship by European artisans. We facilitate lovers of unique art and interior objects with stories about the people behind the product. Here, we expose European artisans and their carefully created products. Because we believe that unique crafts from Europe are valuable and should be lived on. Not only in the personal environment of our home, but also for the future generations that follow us.


About the founder

Anne-Claire Martens is an interior designer, photographer and keynote speaker from The Netherlands. She’s also a huge lover of art, culture and crafts, so no wonder that she’s the founder of LOA. By specializing in sustainability and traveling a lot, she has been able to meet a lot of artisans and see crafts from all over the world. It also raised the question inside her mind why we ship so many products from countries outside Europe, while so many beautiful objects are made closer to home. That’s why LOA is so important. To not only stimulate the local economy and make sure (future) artisans can build up a living, but also to continue the existence of the craft and reduce the footprint of the product. After six years of working as a creative entrepreneur, covid happened and her beloved father (also an artisan) passed away, which turned the page to another chapter in her life. A chapter that is the start of cultivating sustainable arts and crafts.

“I believe that when something is made with attention and love, there’s an instant connection between artisan, product and buyer. In this way, I hope to be able to create a bond with LOA in which a product is not just an object, but something that is cherished for a lifetime.”

Want to discover more about Anne-Claire? Or could you use some advice about styling your space with our LOA objects? We welcome you to visit her website or feel free to contact her anytime.


Would you rather fall in love with an item in real life? Once every three months we have an exposition with our collection at Arti-Pop gallery in Den Bosch (Kruisstraat 16). Our next pop-up expo can be visited throughout the month of December (Thursday to Sunday). Come by and find your perfect meaningful Christmas present!

Check our instagram for current opening times or take a look at artipop.nl.

LOA would love to hear from you!

If you have any questions, please email Info@fortheloveof.art

HQ & Return address: For the Love of Art EU, van Diepenbeeckstraat 1a, 5211BX 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

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